The fight is won in the training

Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay a price

No Limits, No Rules, No Fear

Sweat dries, Blood Clots, Bones Heal

Discipline, Honour, Respect: MMA

Eat Sleep Train Repeat

Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay a price

Pain is weakness leaving

Technique is the key to Brilliance

Blood is just red sweat

A bad day at MMA is still better than a good day at school

Give up or Get up

Tap, Snap or Nap

Give Up, Give In or Give it All

Dream Big Start Now

Scoring System

‘Mixed Martial Arts’, as the name suggests; allows a variety of combat styles for fighting and is by means an ‘all fair game’ i.e. no eye gouging, groin kicking or hair pulling is allowed. Since MMA, unlike other sports enjoys being a cage fighting sport, in SFL the contestants are evaluated on certain criterias. Following are the five scales the contestants are scored on:

1. Draw = +1

  • Unanimous Draw - When all three judges score the contest a draw
  • Majority Draw - When two judges score the contest a draw
  • Split Draw - When all three judges score differently

2. Referee Decision = +3

  • When Referee gets the last word and scores the contestant(s)
  • Unanimous Decision - When all the three judges score win for a contestant.
  • Split Decision - When two judges score a contestant and third judge scores the other contestant.

3. Technical Knock Out = +4

  • When Referee stops the contest and when an injury as a result of a legal maneuver is severe enough to terminate a bout.

4. Submission = +5

  • Physical Tap Out and/or Verbal tap out.

5. Knock Out = +6

  • When contestant being rendered unconscious due strikes or kicks also known as a ‘lights out knockout’.



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