Tap, Snap or Nap

Dream Big Start Now

No Limits, No Rules, No Fear

Discipline, Honour, Respect: MMA

Blood is just red sweat

Give up or Get up

Sweat dries, Blood Clots, Bones Heal

A bad day at MMA is still better than a good day at school

Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay a price

The fight is won in the training

Give Up, Give In or Give it All

Eat Sleep Train Repeat

Pain is weakness leaving

Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay a price

Technique is the key to Brilliance


  • Bill Dosanjh

    Founder of SFL America and SFL India; British-Indian business magnate, investor and philanthropist, Bill Dosanjh has been a passionate follower and lover of the combat sports ever since his teenage. His interests in the sport and dedication towards promoting MMA and Boxing are few of the many reasons of having initiated the SFL. His enthusiasm for the same has played a significant role in extending SFL branches overseas. Having trained with professional boxer and co-founder Amir Khan during his (Amir’s) world title fights’ training camps, Bill launched ‘KHAN PROMOTIONS’ in the USA, in 2010. Ambitious Dosanjh aspires to promote and expand SFL globally with collaborations worldwide.

  • Amir Khan

    British professional boxer and two-time former world champion; Amir Khan began practicing the sport of boxing at the age of 11. Amir holds early honors degree including three English school titles and three Junior ABA titles. He has effortlessly bagged a gold at the 2003 junior Olympics. He is known to be the youngest British Olympics Boxing medalist and one of the youngest British World Champions. Amongst several accolades, he was ranked as the eighth best ‘pound for pound’ boxer in 2011, by the International Business Times.

    His zealous persona and great love for the sport has driven him to join hands with founder-partner Bill Dosanjh in supporting, promoting and developing the SFL brand in all glory.



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